Campaign Period: 12 October to 4 December 2020

Many businesses have been hit by the pandemic and struggling to keep afloat, especially the smaller ones. While they are important, they are more vulnerable during economic downturns compared to large corporate companies. Kiss92 FM is driving this campaign to lend a helping hand to small or medium sized businesses!

We are giving away more than $105,000 worth of advertising packages and prizes to support our local businesses on national radio and rewarding our fans for doing so as well!

For Kiss92 fans, to participate in this contest, click on the OUR #KisSME92 FAMILY button below to check out the participating SMEs and start visiting these places, spot our decals or online banners, post the snapshots of the decals/online banners and a description of the shop you have visited on Facebook and/or Instagram and #KisSME92 NOW!

Alternatively, you can download the decal here, get creative with the photo, post on your social media with a description of the SMEs you're supporting and #KisSME92.

We've got attractive prizes for you to win so spot as many decals and online banners as you can!

For SMEs, if you’re interested in taking part, here’s what you have to do:


Click on the BE PART OF OUR #KisSME92 FAMILY NOW! button to register your interest, and tell us more about your business and how COVID-19 situation has affected your business!

We’ll supply a special #KisSME92 decal or online banner for you to put up on your public facing window, wall or website.


Kiss92 listeners will be searching the country to take photos of the decals/online banners in this nationwide radio contest.


As part of their radio challenge, Kiss92 listeners will be posting photos on Facebook and/or Instagram of the decals/online banners they’ve spotted.


At the end of the #KisSME92 campaign, if your business has the highest number of listener-generated tagged posts, you will be rewarded with 1 of our 4 On-Air Commercial Packages on Kiss92 FM worth $25,000! Join the #KisSME92 family now!


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