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The BIG Show is fronted by BIG and established personalities, Glenn Ong, Angelique Nicolette Teo (aka 'Angel') and The Flying Dutchman. Global yet local, The BIG Show is all about what we can offer our listeners - Simply The Best! Listeners are in for a treat with a jam packed show with content from lifestyle, current affairs and MORE!! ALSO, The BIG Show is LIVE on YouTube & Facebook EVERYDAY from 8am - 9am, with experts from various fields tackling topics from every aspect! Never about us, always about YOU! Tune in Weekdays, 6am - 10am!

DEC 7, 2023
07/12/23 - Glenn's Psychic Powers?
Today on The BIG Show, we discuss which of our parents had a bigger influence on us, and what did our mothers force us to eat as children! Connect with us on Instagram: @kiss92fm@Glennn@angeliqueteo@thefdsg Producer: @shalinisusan97@snailgirl2000

DEC 7, 2023
07/12/23 - Happy at Work Thursday: Achieving Career Success in 2024!
As the year comes to an end, let's see what we can do to make 2024 a year where we achieve even more success in our careers! Adrian Choo of Career Agility International will be giving his best tips and tricks on developing a career strategy that will keep you in line with your goals, get you promoted, and become more career-resilient! 🎯

DEC 6, 2023
06/12/23 - What Christmas Song Makes You Cry?
Today on The BIG Show, we discussed our favorite Christmas songs, Playstation vs Xbox, and the Gen Z slang of 2023! Connect with us on: Instagram: @kiss92fm@Glennn@angeliqueteo@thefdsg Producer: @shalinisusan97@snailgirl2000

DEC 6, 2023
06/12/23 - Back in the Studio: Shazza!
On #TheBIGShowTV today, we welcome back local singer-songwriter Shazza! 🥰💐 She's just received the Berita Haritan Young Achiever of the Year Award, honouring outstanding individuals in the Malay/Muslim community. Stay tuned to find out what she has planned for the coming year, and a special live acapella performance! 🎤🌟

DEC 5, 2023
05/12/23 - Marriage Advice with Glenn
On The BIG Show today, we had a big question - Is marriage necessary anymore? We asked our listeners and discussed our thoughts on today's podcast.

DEC 5, 2023
05/12/23 - Therapy Tuesday: Parenting Woes
What concerns might parents have to look out for in this generation? 🤔👪 Join us and Dr Geraldine Tan from The Therapy Room SG on #TheBIGShowTV to discuss parenting - boundaries, how to manage device usage in children and more! 🎈

DEC 5, 2023
05/12/23 - Two Cats Per Flat?
On The BIG Show today, we discuss the change in ruling allowing cats as pets in HDBs, the weirdest thing that could happen during an exam, and the latest in entertainment news!

DEC 4, 2023
04/12/23 - Rockstar Fit Monday: Festivities and Fitness!
The festive season is here! Do we hit pause on the fitness to start fresh again in the new year, or can we still remain on track? 🏃‍♂️💨🎄 Join Natalie Dau as she gives out tips and tricks on how to stay on your fitness journey during the end of the year. She also will show us a quick mini-band workout that you can do at home!

DEC 1, 2023
01/12/23 - Wonka Musical?
On The BIG Show, we talk about what's on this weekend, what to expect at the new Wonka movie, and all about motorcycle lane splitting!

DEC 1, 2023
01/12/23 - Makansutra Friday
TGIF! 🌟 K F Seetoh is back from Paris, and is in the studio to share his gastronomic adventures there! 🥐🎈 Join us as he explores delightful local eats and dishes on his newest culinary adventures. 🍜 Tune in to The BIG Show TV for a tasty experience! 📺😋

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