Carlton Hotel Singapore

"Carlton Hotel Singapore"

Golden Bird's Nest Yule Log

Win a 1kg Golden Bird's Nest Yule Log and a Traditional Homemade Panettone worth $116 from Carlton Hotel Singapore!

This festive season, Carlton Hotel Singapore unveils opulent holiday desserts like:

Golden Bird's Nest Yule Log, ($78 for 1kg)

Strawberry Shortcake Bliss Yule Log, ($78 for 1kg)

Traditional Homemade Panettone ($38, 500g) on top of their signature festive roasts. 

The Golden Bird's Nest Yule Log features a delicate osmanthus sponge, complemented by a velvety osmanthus vanilla crémeux, sous-vide water chestnuts, fresh mango compote, and bird's nest, all enrobed in rich, dark chocolate mousse. 

This exquisite yule log is adorned with a radiant copper finish, making it a standout choice for festive gatherings and celebrations.

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