Win a Fortune Crabstick gift set worth more than $100 from Crusty’s!

  • The Fortune Crabstick Crisps is a heartland creation brought to you by Crusty's Singapore and DoDo Seafood Treats. These classic golden bites are proudly made with the finest quality of crabsticks from DoDo infused with Crusty's signature aromatics and spices.
  • We have got two new flavours up our sleeves, Salted Egg and Hot & Tangy flavour.
  • Do keep a lookout for a surprise inside. Unveil your fortune today with the fortune message and 4-digit lucky numbers for the day.
  • The Fortune Crabstick Crisps are only available at selected NTUC FairPrice outlets and Cheers convenience stores.


Stay tuned to Kiss92’s Wake Up and Go with Div & Jo this week to win!!

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