dal.komm COFFEE

dal.komm COFFEE

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Popular Korean coffee chain, dal.komm COFFEE unveiled its fourth outlet on 28 June at Funan Mall.

To celebrate the opening, dal.komm has introduced TWO outlet exclusive beverages, and rolled out new menu items; including a delectable selection of savoury bites.

The coffee chain is also excited to present the popular Matcha Cube series. This uniquely dal.komm creation is named after the flavoured ice cubes that top and gradually melt into a creamy and milky concoction below, while keeping the beverage ice-cold and flavourful. Making its debut in Singapore are Matcha Cube – a choice pick for its intense green tea flavour, and Matcha Coffee Cube.

Padding up its menu, dal.komm has also introduced delicious treats such as the:

Signature Ssamjang Chicken Cruffin – sandwiched between two cruffin halves are a bed of fresh greens, fiery ssamjang (spicy paste) chicken, a sunny side-up, and a dollop of ssamjang sauce; and

Signature Crab Ebiko Croissant – buttery croissant filled with a generous helping of greens, as well as a stuffing of crab stick and ebiko cloaked in luscious mayonnaise.


Stay tuned to Charmaine Yee to find out how to win!

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